Friday, 15 May 2015

He scares the shit out of you

Love is terrifying, and even if you pretend you don’t know yet that you love him or her, you can feel it’s where this is heading. Even if you’re just starting to get close to someone, we all know closeness can lead to getting hurt.

When you look at this person, you know he or she could hurt you more than anyone you’ve ever met before in your life. You have the urge to push him or her away because being with this person makes you feel vulnerable, and it’s terrifying.

You freak out when he or she gets emotional and displays feelings because, then, there’s no hiding it anymore. This person scares you, and it’s the most fun you’ve ever had being afraid.

If you think about it, if that fear suddenly went away, you’d miss it dearly.

This person’s love scares you, but deep inside, you know you want it.

Source: 11 Silly, Ridiculous Signs That Might Mean You’re In Love

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